Analyze and validate the Purchase Orders data sent by clients and EBMX and EBUS branches, capture them in SAP to generate Sales Orders. Generate reliable information to initiate the following internal processes, preventing rework that affects delivery to the customer.

Order Processing Clerk

Your tasks

1. Start the process through Contract Review (Check list), to validate the resources prior to capture.

2. Analyze and validate the information contained in the Purchase Order and its Quote.

3. Capture the Sales Order in SAP depending on the order type: MTO, ETO, Intercompany, Projects, APP (Advanced Procurement Planning).

4. Create or extend Part Numbers for EBUS and EBMX using the MD Ticket system.

5. Start a Quick Base project for NPs created from EBUS and EBMX.

6. Gather information from Sales, CSR and other areas to clarify an EBUS and EBMX Order as much as possible.

7. Attach documents in SAP and conclude the Contract Review.

8. EBMX Sales Order Auditor.

9. Register and capture requests for Stock Transfer between branches.

10. Register requests for guarantees and promotions and stock management duly authorized for EBMX.

Our expectations

  • Administrative or business degree.
  • Fluent english is required.
  • Basic SAP knowlage.
  • Advanced microsoft knowlage.

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