Junior Customs & Foreign Trade Specialist - Milan, OH

Your tasks

Role Purpose

  • Gather and maintain data used by SAP to determine if Free Trade Agreements qualifications are met.
  • Assist the Specialist Customs & Foreign Trade colleagues & Department Manager.


Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure all vendor solicitations are current & maintain spreadsheet updated for team information
  • Process all SPL checks for sites / businesses without SAP.
  • Assist team with any projects.
  • Training in US Export & Import Regulations.



Our expectations


  • Suppliers and Customers
  • Team members
  • All colleagues, US & Foreign

Required Qualifications

  • Excel, Word skills

Preferred Qualification

  • Strong communication skills
  • Very strong follow up, ability to influence cooperation
  • Ability to manage multiple projects, great organization skills.
  • SAP experience a plus
  • Manufacturing, multi-location company experience a plus

Do you have any questions?

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