HSE Engineer

Your tasks

  • Implement HSE program and regulation,and to ensure compliance with HSE regulations and requirement.Continuously identifies, assesses, and reduces/eliminates HSE risk,and suggest improvement opportunities,follow up the corrective action plan.
  • Responsible and follow up the environmental protection and safety system maintenance; Arrange the qualified vendor to conduct regular environmental monitoring and keep the record
  • Responsible for hazardous waste control and hazardous waste management
  • Responsible for occupational hazard factor archive management, arrange occupational disease physical examination regularly.
  • Responsible for according to the policy requirements, promote, declare and audit the safety three-level standardization and double prevention mechanism.
  • Other HSE related work arranged by leader, such as deliver HSE training to new employees and subcontractors.

Our expectations

  • Junior college and above, chemical relation. 
  • At least, two year work experience on HSE
  • Experience on IMS; Good relationship to government officer;Certificate related safety.  

Do you have any questions?

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