Klüber Lubrication is a global speciality lubricants company supplying products to almost all branches of industry. With their innovative capacity and knowledge, our employees are successfully shaping the future of Klüber Lubrication. Become one of our team! Meet new colleagues, learn more about the potential for development offered in the various divisions of our company, and experience what makes Klüber Lubrication so special.

Finance Intern

Your tasks

Job Responsibilities/职责:

1.Responsible for Financial Dept.related issues;


2.Other tasks assgind by the supervisor;


Our expectations

Job requirement/要求:

1.Education background in finance,etc;


2.Self-initiative and ability to communicate in English;


3.Bachlor degree in level 3 is best;


4.Working time: At least 3 days per week;


5.Internal duration: At least 2 months


Do you have any questions?

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