SurTec is a full subsidiary of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities and is a company of the Freudenberg Group since 1966, which is headquartered in Weinheim, Germany. Founded over 160 years ago by Carl Johann Freudenberg, Freudenberg is a family-owned company with an international focus. Creativity, diversity and innovative capacity combined with reliability and responsible action are the foundations of the company's success. Partnership with its customers in 57 countries, a long-term outlook, financial solidity and the excellence and experience of its approximately 37,500 employees define the business philosophy of Freudenberg and its 16 business groups.

SurTec is a preferred supplier of chemical specialties for surface treatment. We are unique in delivering solutions for Industrial Parts Cleaning, Metal Pre-treatment and Electroplating. Our commitment is to develop and manufacture high quality chemical specialties and processes to meet our customers requirements. We sell directly on a worldwide basis and provide excellent technical consulting and services. Our products and processes ensure superior economy based on price/performance evaluations and minimal effect on the environment.

Marketing Assistant

Your Tasks

  1. 负责公司推广新平台的打造和维护,跟进潜在客户,将信息及时交接给销售团队

    Build up and maintainence of new media, follow up potential customers and transfer information to salesman in time.

  2. 负责新媒体如慧聪,阿里巴巴,盖世,微信,网站,Marketing China的维护管理,市场信息更新。

    Manage all the activities on new media like Huicong, Alibaba, Gasgoo, Wechat, website, Marketing China, update marketing information.

  3. 负责整理行业代表协会,如紧固件,卡钳,表面处理,铝协会等。评估各省的行业协会和活动信息资源,拓展公司的潜在客户渠道。

    Search famous accosiations like fasteners, brakers, surface treatment, Aluminum. Collect information of industry associations and activities in each region, expand potential chance for salesman.

  4. 协助策划组织公司的展会,研讨会,会议等活动,跟进活动现场搜集的潜在客户信息。

    Support the organization of exhibition & seminar & conference events. Follow up potential information from these events.

  5. 协助搜集竞争对手的信息,分析整理成报告。

    Support to collect information of competitors, make it into report.

  6. 协助销售工具如新产品和明星产品的宣传海报和技术资料修改整理。

    Support to make sales tools like poster, presentation modification of new products, push products and star products.

  7. 完成上级主管交办的其他工作。

Execute and complete tasks assigned by superior.

Our expectations

1. 1年以上市场营销相关工作经验

One year marketing related experience

2. 市场营销专业,本科及以上学历

Majored in Marketing, bachelor or above degree.

3. 熟练操作办公软件和办公自动化设备

Microsoft office software such as ppt, word,

excel etc. and office automation equipment.

Desired 有以下经验更佳:




Experience in organization of exhibitions or events.

Good language skills in English.

Experience in new media operating.

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